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Bubba’s Swift BBQ Sauce Mix is mixed one part mix to 2 parts ketchup (example: 1 tablespoon of mix and 2 tablespoons of ketchup). Heat the mixture in a sauce pan until the sugars dissolve and instantly you have an amazing homemade BBQ sauce. The entire batch makes 1 quart of BBQ sauce. Because Bubba’s BBQ Mix comes as a dry mix, it is the perfect sweet rib rub; rub it on the day before grilling, then brush on the sauce while the meat is still on the grill. Bubba’s BBQ Sauce mix will season up to 30 pounds of meat. Visit our Facebook page for more recipe ideas. www.Facebook.com/BubbasSwiftSalsa
Our BBQ sauce mix comes in three amazing flavors!
Sweet Honey, Original, and Spicy.

BBQ Sauce mix

BBQ Sauce Mixes – 8oz

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